The War of Myths and Mortals (The High Crown Chronicles book 3)




I am a queen—and a girl—in a time of war.I  can show no weakness. Not ever again. I will see this war to its end and embrace whatever glory or hell awaits me there.

Reeling from her most recent loss, Malory is determined to bestow vengeance upon those responsible for the upheaval in her lands. With her army firmly established she’s got one target left: Phoebe of Carling. To persevere Malory will need to either establish an alliance or declare war on the most powerful ruler in the lands: King Travión. But not everything in Travión is as it seems. With her most trusted allies at her side, Malory finds herself on the cusp of a danger greater than she ever imagined.

For the gods are awake and they have a stake in the succession of power.

This is where the end begins.

The War Of Myths And Mortals is the thrilling conclusion to the High Crown Chronicles Trilogy!


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