Book Review: Flores and Miss Paula by Melissa Rivero

     Flores and Miss Paula is a beautiful, quiet story that explores the dynamics of a mother-and-daughter relationship. Three years ago, after a lengthy battle with cancer, Martin passed away leaving his wife, Miss Paula, and daughter Flores. The women are at a point where they just seem to exist in each other’s lives rather than sharing a life—even though they live together.  

The ladies’ work lives seem almost as dissatisfying as their personal lives as the book opens. Flores (known at work by her last name) works for an aquarium business which may be on the brink of some serious interoffice drama. Miss Paula on the other hand is working for a discount chain where she may finally be recognized for her contributions to the store. Their world is turned upside down when the landlord of the apartment they’ve called home for decades notifies them that he is giving their apartment to one of his family members. Now Flores and Miss Paula must decide if they can continue to live together or if they’ve grown too far apart.

I enjoyed this book. It has a slow, relaxing pace, but I found myself drawn into the lives of the main characters. Melissa Rivero did a solid job in presenting the journey of both Flores and Miss Paula through alternating and unique POVs. Along the way, in addition to exploring the mother-daughter relationship, Rivero shares with readers the Peruvian culture and customs that impact these two characters, both pushing them apart and binding them tighter together.

Flores and Miss Paula will be released on December 5, 2023.

Thank you to Ecco and Netgalley for providing a review copy.  

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