The Writer’s Life: Highs and Lows

(Note: this blog appeared on another site, which I am slowly doing away with, I am simply relocating the post)
I’ve learned a few things about being a writer over the past few weeks. They are things that I’ve known for a while, in theory, but over the course of two weeks, experienced in vivid detail.
The first is how good it feels to have shared my work with someone else and gotten positive feedback. For the record, it feels Uh-mazing in fact. To clarify, it wasn’t glowing praise about what a fabulous and gifted writer I am, realistically I think that someday my mom will read my novel and say those words, but I don’t expect it from anyone else. Actually, my mom’s more of a realist (a trait we share) so, even she won’t gush quite that much.
Any way, I received some very nice and enthusiastic feedback with regards to a contest I entered. I didn’t win but it was a huge thing to have someone say positive things about my work, and to be enthusiastic about it. It’s amazing how a little bit of good news can put the boogey back in your day.

The next week though, was a different story. I had submitted a portion (about the same as I had submitted to the contest) during a webinar. The seminar included a critique by an agent. What I got was about a 10 line response that said my dialogue was stilted, descriptions cliche and that there was no character development.
It hurts us, precious.

So, I wallowed, went through anger, denial, bargaining, a pint of rocky road, a bottle of White ZIn and then, finally, acceptance.

I emerged, ready to carry on and submit again. It’s the way of the writer, after all. There will be no hope of success if I choose to give up and give in to disappointment this early in the game. So, write on fellow aspiring authors, write on.


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