The Big 50 Giveaway Winners

Okay, folks, here is the list of winners–also EVERYONE IS A WINNER, though maybe not for the person you’d picked. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who took part and volunteered their time to critique these awesome entries. And thanks to everyone who took the risk, put your work out there and continue to walk the creative walk.

I did my best to pair winners with a critique volunteer. All winners listed by the name on your comment. Winners can contact me at contact@ <my1st & last name> dot com to send me your email address and I’ll forward to the person who is doing your critique. (If I missed anyone–PLEASE let me know!)

Rebecca Carpenter: 50-page critique for John Williamson and Susan Burdorf.

James L Weaver: 50-page critique for Sarah Leonard

Courtney Lynn Rose: 50-page critique for Katherine Toran

Kate Foster: 50-page critique for Linh Pham

Gurpreet Sihat: 50-page critique for Sara Kapadia

Deborah Maroulis: 50-page critique for Pamela Thompson McLeod

Laurie Bell: 50-page critique for Merrill Elizabeth

Sue Featherstone: 50-page critique for Gretchen

Kristy Fairlamb: 50-page critique for Melanie Pickering

Kelly Risser: 50-page critique for Cecile Ferro

Tamara Hanks Grantham: 50-page critique for Leah Kuntz

Sherry Ficklin: 50-page critique for Nadi Reed Perez

Sandy Goldsworthy: 50-page critique for Samantha Hamilton

Susan Pape: 50-page critique for Corin Burnside

Laura Chilibeck: 50-page critique for Kathryn Sommerlot

Ellie S. Verhalen: 50-page critique for Julie Shattuck; query critique for Cade, Maja Rose, and John Weiss

Michael Colianna: 50-page critique for David-Christopher Harris

Tiffany C. Lewis: 50-page critique for Nishita

Emily Shore: 50-page critique for Noel Baris

Barbra Campbell: 50-page critique for Katie

Esme Symes Smith: Query critiques for Frances White and Justine Winans

Kathleen Allen: 50-page critique for Joanna Ziarko

Leira K. Lewis: 10-page critiques for Jules, Loretta Chefchaouni, Jamie Lee Tucker, and Amanda McLaren.

Jodi Gallegos (aka the old chick, aka she of many years): Query + 10 page critique for Kelly Barina, Lorraine Hawley, and Flor Salcedo

17 Replies to “The Big 50 Giveaway Winners”

  1. Loretta Chefchaouni says: Reply

    Yippeee! Thanks so much, Jodi!

    1. Jodi Gallegos says: Reply

      You’re welcome

    2. Thanks so much!!!;

  2. Loretta Chefchaouni says: Reply

    Yippee! Thanks so much, Jodi!

  3. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Jodi! It hasn’t been a great year, but this really brings sunshine!

    1. Jodi Gallegos says: Reply

      You’re welcome. Best of luck in your publishing journey

  4. Susan Burdorf says: Reply

    I think on your birthday we should be showering YOU with goodness… not the other way around. *whispers* But thank you so very much.

    1. Jodi Gallegos says: Reply

      You’re welcome

    1. Jodi Gallegos says: Reply

      You’re welcome

  5. Corin Burnside says: Reply

    Oh wow! Thank you so much, Jodie, this is fantastic news and very much appreciated.

    1. Jodi Gallegos says: Reply

      You’re welcome

  6. So exciting! Thank you very much Jodi, and I’m wishing you a very Happy Birthday! You just made my day 🙂

    1. Jodi Gallegos says: Reply

      Thank you. I know you’ll get great feedback to help you on your publishing journey

  7. Jodi Thank you so much! Happy Birthday again 🙂

    Plus thank you for helping me discover Kelly! It’s a match made in heaven for my book

    1. Jodi Gallegos says: Reply

      Thank you. I did try to pair everyone in the best way possible

  8. Oh my gosh thank you!!!!

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