Book Review: Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten

I do adore any novels about the Romanov empire and Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten didn’t disappoint. First let me say, Alpsten masterfully captured the dark, somber reality of Russia in the early 1700’s. I could almost feel the bleak weather, the hunger, and the misery of Catherine’s (a that time Marta’s) early life. Tsarina opens […]

Book Release: The Hollow Queen by Sherry D. Ficklin

This new historical fiction novel won’t disappoint. Hop onto Barnes and Noble and order your copy of THE HOLLOW QUEEN by Sherry D. Ficklin today. Fans of this best-selling historical romance series can dive further into the STOLEN EMPIRE SERIES with another captivating and jaw-dropping novel debut. THE HOLLOW QUEEN is sure to entertain fans […]