Lakewater Press Holiday Blog Hop (Day 7): Rebecca Carpenter


For the holiday season, we at Lakewater Press thought it would be a good time to share who we are with a little holiday blog hop.

Between December 1 and the 24th we’ll share holiday interviews with our authors and the Lakewater Press staff. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better, and to give our readers a peek behind the scenes–or pages!

Perhaps you’ll even find a new blog to follow, or your next favorite book!

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Today’s interviewee:


Name and LWP affiliation: Rebecca Carpenter, author of Metamorphosis Trilogy & Copy Editor for Lakewater Press

Your blog (url):

Where do you live? In the state of craziness and senility. But if you must have a physical place, Grand Junction, Colorado (the western slope of Colorado) is where I’ve called home my entire life. As a matter of fact, the hospital where I was born later became an Alzheimer’s unit where I worked in my late teens. Is it an omen? I don’t think I can base anything off …where was I going with this thought?

What are your chances of having snow on Christmas Day? I’d say there’s about a 50/50 chance for snow on Christmas day. But I’d sure like to increase those odds. If only the weather would cooperate. So far, Grand Junction is three inches below our average rainfall for the year. Anybody own a cloud-seeding machine? We could use some moisture over here. I’m feeling pretty scaly and itchy, and I’m sure I’m going to shed my skin any day now. Maybe if we all sing a song, Mother Nature will oblige. Sing it with me:

Hello Winter, what do you say?

Are you gonna bring us some snow today?

White and pretty and sparkly too.

So we can build a snowman and go sledding too.

Hello Winter, what do you say?

Please bring us some snow today!

One inches, two inches, just won’t do.

We need at least four to close all the schools.

Snow day, hurray!

Do you have any favorite holiday traditions? Opening one present on Christmas Eve, and after we open presents on Christmas day I make a big brunch and we chill the rest of the day watching favorite Christmas movies like “The Family Man,” “Die Hard,” and of course, “A Christmas Story.”  Hubby will inevitably take an afternoon nap, and I sit down with my laptop and write.

Egg nog: Yes or No? Jingle my bells, yes!!! Fill her up!

Are you an artistic gift wrapper or a basic “paper & tape” warrior?  When I first start wrapping presents, I’m a wrapping-paper connoisseur, so talented I could apply for a position at the North Pole. And I tape the crap out the gift—no one will peek on my watch. But by the end of the present-wrapping swaray , I just slap that crap on and say to heck with it. It’s all going to be ripped off in two seconds anyway, so what’s the point? To be honest, I much prefer gift bags. Simple. Easy. No skill required.

Do you have any special holiday memories that include books? Are there any specific titles you remember? Every year, before we could open gifts, my mom or dad read the story of the First Christmas. One year I received “Tiger’s Eye” for Christmas. I loved that book and read it over and over and over until the spine broke and pages started coming loose.

What is your earliest book-related memory? I grew up in a religious family, and my parents read the Bible with us every night before bed. But I also remember my dad reading “Great Expectations” to us when I was maybe six or seven.

Do you write/work during the holidays? I run a large child care center/preschool and work year round, only closing for major holidays. I use every opportunity to write over the holidays, and I look forward to the large block of time to channel my muse. Some of my best writing occurs during the holidays because I can write uninterrupted. Bring on the holidays. Bring on the creativity. Bring on the writing.

Can you share what you’re working on now? Right now I’m working on book three in the Metamorphosis Series, a young adult contemporary science fiction, but I haven’t decided on a title yet. I’m continuing the dual point of views from book two, and I am excited to tie up some loose ends, throw in a few unexpected plot twists, and finish the series. Will Jeremiah and Bethany end up together? Can a first love be forever?

I’m also revising a middle grade contemporary that takes the reader on a journey through a young girl’s interpretation of her grandmother’s Alzheimer’s disease. With humor and heartbreak, this book is one of my favorites so far.

What are your goals for 2018? Release the second book in the Metamorphosis Trilogy, Butterfly Blood.

Laugh more. Live more. Love more. And get more sleep.

And I’d like to take a tap dance class.

I also hope to do a better job with promotion and marketing, and finish Butterfly Bones book three, as well as query the middle grade.

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Book Review: BUTTERFLY BONES by Rebecca Carpenter

I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of BUTTERFLY BONES from Lakewater Press in exchange for an honest review of the book.

Bethany is a high school student who was born with a rare genetic disease. Osteogenesis imperfecta affects her bone growth and has caused her to be the size of a ten-year old. Now she’s become the target of the new girl at school and her unrelenting bullying. She’s also helplessly in love with Jeremiah, who seems to want nothing more than to be her friend.

As if everything weren’t already bad enough, Bethany’s dad, a research scientist, has been experimenting with a hormone derived from butterflies in an attempt to find a cure for her. But finding a cure won’t be so easy because “When one alters the order of nature, it’s only a matter of time before nature screams for revenge.” The results of her dad’s experimenting have profound consequences.

BUTTERFLY BONES is a unique concept and definitely pulled me through a lot of different emotions, which is a testament to the writing of Rebecca Carpenter. I was furious when reading about the bullies and with some aspects of Bethany’s home life. I got a little teary when reading her dad’s journal entries. And, in one particular revelation near the end, I almost threw the book across the room–which I realize was a great reaction, because it showed how invested I felt in what happened to Bethany.

As for the ending, I personally prefer my vengeance a little more brutal, but I thought this book wrapped up nicely and left me with a little bit of hope.

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