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I love summer. The warm weather and long days make me want to go on adventures, have new experiences…and give things away!

This summer I’m doing a giveaway. Each month (June, July & August) I’m going to give away a free digital copy of A Shine That Defies the Dark and a $25 Amazon gift card. All you have to do is follow the Rafflecopter link below…

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Lakewater Press Holiday Blog Hop (Day 4): Jodi Gallegos


For the holiday season, we at Lakewater Press thought it would be a good time to share who we are with a little holiday blog hop.

Between December 1 and the 24th we’ll share holiday interviews with our authors and the Lakewater Press staff. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better, and to give our readers a peek behind the scenes–or pages!

Perhaps you’ll even find a new blog to follow, or your next favorite book!

(Be sure to read all the way to the bottom for our holiday giveaway!!)


Today’s interviewee:


Name and LWP affiliation:  Jodi Gallegos Acquisitions & Marketing Assistant 

Your blog (url): Jodigallegos.com

Where do you live? Grand Junction, CO

What are your chances of having snow on Christmas Day? Pretty slim in my opinion, and based on my research (because I love to research!) my town has had only 18 Christmases with more than a trace amount of snow since 1893, and only 3 of those had more than an inch of accumulation. (*considers moving north*)

Do you have any favorite holiday traditions?

My husband, sons and I usually start the Christmas season on Thanksgiving night when we watch Christmas Vacation for the first of several times. We host a potluck for our extended family on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day is all about relaxing (after the early morning wake-up call & present unwrapping)

Egg nog: Yes or No? Yes

Are you an artistic gift wrapper or a basic “paper & tape” warrior?  Wrapping paper & tape. With my kids though, all my wrapping paper is superhero or Star Wars theme. We have very little feminine or “pretty” paper.

Do you have any special holiday memories that include books? Are there any specific titles you remember? I remember the glow of the Christmas lights on my very first Little House on the Prairie books. Several years later I remember the thrill of opening my first two Stephen King books: Cujo and Christine. They were all I’d asked for & it was so hard to decide which to read first (I settled on Christine).


What is your earliest book-related memory? I remember going to the book-mobile with my babysitter every week during summer. My best memories though, are of laying on the floor of my mom’s side of the bed reading her books (Clan of the Cave Bear & Flowers in the Attic). She never said anything about it. I like to think she was of the enlightened belief that as long as I was reading, it didn’t matter what.

Do you write/work during the holidays? I stay busy with my day job during the holidays. I don’t usually write or edit though. I take the slower pace of those few days to relax, read & watch movies.

Can you share what you’re working on now? I’m revising my YA light fantasy. I’m also working on a sequel to my NA romance that is releasing Dec 5th, 2017.

What are your goals for 2018? To have two new books ready for submission. Find at least one more top notch submission for Lakewater Press. Read lots. Vacation.


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Meet the Characters: A Shine That Defies the Dark

A Shine That Defies the Dark comes out in two days!

For fun, I thought I’d share some images and information that I put together about each character. These are images I used when developing the characters and, in my mind, these truly are the characters:

Ophelia Beaumont Breaux:















Remy Granger:













Emmaline Beaumont Breaux:













Eloi Granger:














Sirus Granger:















Dixie Bajoliere:















You can get your digital copy of A Shine That Defies the Dark from all major retailers.

You can also get an autographed print copy from my website (available 12/14/17).

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A Shine That Defies the Dark #coverreveal


A Shine That Defies The Dark 
Jodi Gallegos
Published by: Changing Tides Publishing
Publication date: December 5th 2017
Genres: Adult, Romance


Gripping, romantic, and evocative of its time— A Shine that Defies the Darkis a spellbinding story of one woman who will stop at nothing to survive during a tumultuous time in American history.

After a six-year exile, Ophelia Breaux and her mother are overjoyed to return to the Louisiana bayou. But it seems the ghosts of the epic feud that drove them away still haunt Plaquemines Parish, and with the Great Depression sweeping the nation, the two soon find they can’t make ends meet.

Seeing no other option, Ophelia’s mother takes the drastic step of sharing her bed with the town judge in exchange for a reduced rent. The judge has had a life-long obsession with Momma, and Ophelia is desperate to end this arrangement and get her away from him.

When Remy Granger shows up, Ophelia knows it could mean more trouble—and that’s the last thing they need. Handsome and dangerous, he’s the first boy she ever kissed, and a member of the most notorious family in southern Louisiana—but he’s also got an opportunity for fast money in rumrunning. Ophelia goes all in, and it turns out she may have a knack for the business. But she’s going to have to run even faster if she wants to save Momma… dodging the cops, rival gangs, and her traitorous heart at every turn.




Author Bio: 

Jodi is a YA writer, black belt, registered nurse and case manager for a busy home health agency. She lives with her husband, three sons and an evolving herd of undisciplined animals in Colorado. She has a well-earned fear of bears, but tolerates the Teddy and Gummy variety. She has been obsessed with books, both reading and writing them, for most of her life and prefers the written word to having actual conversations. The most current projected completion date of her To Be Read book collection is May 17, 2176.

Website / Facebook / Twitter

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Crazy, wonderful good news

Something amazing started happening in early August, and I’ve been so ridiculously busy with work and, well, life, and I haven’t had the chance to post about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been telling everyone who will listen, I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and type up a formal post about the fact that one of my dreams is finally coming true: I’m going to be a published author!

My 2015 NaNoWriMo* project, A Shine That Defies the Dark, is going to be published by Changing Tides Publishing on December 5, 2017. It’s a little bit crazy how it all happened, I’ll definitely post more about that soon. However, I’ve just spent three days updating my website, figuring out how to set up a newsletter and updating all my social media accounts so they all seem like they belong to the same person! I am NOT tech savvy, so it’s been a test to my level of determination (lucky I’m as stubborn as I am technologically challenged).

There are lots of goodies to come. I’m excited about the book release and I want everyone else to share in the excitement. There will be giveaways, and chances to score some extras (maybe a peak at a deleted scene…). Please sign up for my newsletter, so you can be notified of all the giveaways and fun events leading up the release of A Shine That Defies the Dark.

The cover reveal is scheduled for this Tuesday, September 27, 2017.

Also, and I just found this out about 30 minutes ago, my book is already listed on Goodreads and you can read the blurb here.



*For those who don’t know, NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. It takes place every November and the goal is to write a full novel (at least 60,000 words) in 30 day!

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