Robbing From Peter…

This post appears on my other blog…a way, way, different beast.

I felt that it was a good post to share here as it represents a big leap in my ability to be brave and put myself out there. So, here it is:

Going Live…and Going Out on a Wire

There are a lot of ideas in my head. Those things fall along the the lines of, “one of these days, I’m going to…”. Well, today I am going to go ahead and do one of those things.
I’ve been struggling, like all aspiring writers do, with when I can actually call myself a writer. For some reason we are hesitant to do that because it begs the inevitable question, “have you had anything published?” And then, if we still haven’t published the great American novel, we sulk away feeling like we haven’t really accomplished enough to be so bold as to say, “I am a writer.”
So, here’s the story. I have not sold a novel. I am not under representation. But…I write!!! Most of my waking hours are spent writing or thinking about writing. I have more ideas than I will probably ever have time to develop. I have euthanized more story lines and characters than I have created. And I have faith in myself. I believe that I am a good writer and that if I keep practicing the craft, learning about the business and if I endure, I will succeed. You see, I know, deep within the depths of my soul, that I am a writer.
I have been published. I’ve sold poems to small publications, had a short story in a local paper, covered sporting events for a local paper, I’ve written internet content and even sold an article to (cue the dramatic music…) Readers Digest. But, that doesnt make me a writer.
What makes me a writer is my determination,  my passion and all the little voices in my head that are creatively channeled into dialogue (otherwise they’re just voices, and that isn’t something we are encouraged to boast about).
With this declaration, I am about to do one of my “one of these days” promises and let my FaceBook family, friends and contacts know about my website and my FaceBook page that is dedicated to me…the writer.
Deep breath….and done!

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