Research: Getting Lost in the Details

One of my downfalls as a writer is that I love research. I will research everything: world/geographic history, old photos, prominent people, music/movies, lingo, and even name meanings. I love research!

For my last novel, A SHINE THAT DEFIES THE DARK, I had the best time with my research. I studied everything I could find on Prohibition, the Great Depression, cajun dialect and 1920’s automobiles. I studied maps of Louisiana, native plants & animals, each of the parishes, local crops and how residents in 1930 made their livings. And I have to say, I fell in love with Louisiana from afar.

So, how is research a downfall? My problem is that I get so enmeshed in my research that my actual writing gets put off. With my last novel it didn’t become a major problem. My project was for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), so I had a firm November 1st start date. However, with my new novel I am having a big problem getting away from my research and moving into the actual writing phase. I have a notebook with an endless stream of notes, pictures and sketches. I have a playlist on my phone and computer. I even have a Pinterest board with images. God, help me…if only I can stay on task with the actual writing of this book! But first…I have a burning urge to make an image board (I really can’t think of any other research related thing I could do after that.

Except maybe theme recipes?


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