Pride or Punishment?

I don’t claim to have exceptional children. They aren’t well-behaved, they only stretch their vocabulary when it comes to learning prison vernacular and they don’t seem motivated to succeed (even if its only to prove me wrong).
The Middle seems to have a particular penchant for trouble-making. Yesterday I received two calls from the Dean of Students about his behavior. The first is related to a bit of black market trading that happened on the playground. Apparently, the Middle enacted a repossession clause. Any items traded from The Middle to Student A are apparently open to being repossessed if left unattended, say in Student A’s desk. The Student and teacher disagreed and he was taken in for stealing. As it turns out, the object in question wasn’t even his but had been lifted from his little brother.
The second incident happened during class. The Middle, and his classmates, were looking up word definitions in the dictionary. The boy came across the word “Penis”. I really don’t need to explain that any further do I?
While you might think that being sent to the Dean’s office twice in one day is terrible for (oh, did I mention this?) a fourth grader, that didn’t even tie the record. In the third grade he went to the office three times in one day! The last trip was because he got in trouble in the halls on the way back to class after his second trip. (You see? This is the kind of crap I’m living with!)
You can imagine my surprise this evening when I checked my email to find a letter from his math teacher announcing that not only has he been moved to the next math level but she wants to test him to see if he can move to one beyond that.
It seems he is an evil genius (and, some may say, a chip off the old block).

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