Not The Day I Expected

Yesterday I had an extra day off from work. I took my youngest to the doctor then to breakfast, we hit the Halloween store and did some other errands. My afternoon was pretty well planned out, I was in the middle of writing a blog post for newer writers about finding your writing community and then was planning to spend a chunk of time on an editing project. But then, my entire world shifted off its axis.

This is Rebel, he’s been with us for eleven years. He’s an old dude with some significant arthritis, digestion issues, and an intolerance to hot weather that leads to stroke-like symptoms. He loves gardening and food prep, and obviously he’s highly tolerant of my shenanigans.

What we didn’t know until yesterday is that Rebel also had a softball-sized tumor. Suddenly our buddy was not doing well at all. After a discussion with the vet and as a family we made the choice to ensure he wasn’t in any more distress and we said goodbye.

Two of my boys chose to be with him when he passed, and that was truly one of the hardest things to consider, but I’m comforted in knowing that it was a peaceful transition for everyone in that room.

So, our family is a little smaller today, and a lot sadder as we try to focus on happy memories and the spirit of Rebel Alliance Gallegos that lingers in our hearts.

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