Nightmare On Query Street 2015: #TeamMonsters

My writing journey has been full of stumbling blocks recently. While I recognize that writing, more specifically the path to becoming a published writer, is full of disappointments there are times when the “no’s” become overwhelming and overshadow all of the good feedback. The cumulative effect is that sometimes you wonder if it’s time to quit grasping at the high ropes and embrace the fall.

Despite my recent frustration (not to mention soul crushing disappointment, self-doubt and periods of wailing), I entered a writing contest called Nightmare on Query Street.

The 250 initial entrants have been whittled down to two teams of 20.
Today, this happened…(by the way, my novel is entitled THE LAMB) super secret link to amazing stuff

and now I’m all…

My optimism tank is full again. I am filled with enthusiasm. I am feeling recharged and creative. I am ready to go. I have…how many days to turn in my revised entry?

OK…this can be done. Right? No really…right?!

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