Lakewater Press Holiday Blog Hop (Day 9): Sam Boush


For the holiday season, we at Lakewater Press thought it would be a good time to share who we are with a little holiday blog hop.

Between December 1 and the 24th we’ll share holiday interviews with our authors and the Lakewater Press staff. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better, and to give our readers a peek behind the scenes–or pages!

Perhaps you’ll even find a new blog to follow, or your next favorite book!

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Today’s interviewee:

Name and LWP affiliation: Sam Boush, Author  

Your blog (url):

Where do you live? Portland, Oregon

What are your chances of having snow on Christmas Day? Nearly zero. Probably the same chances as me finding a suitcase full of cash and winning lottery tickets under a bench at the zoo.

Do you have any favorite holiday traditions? My favorite part is getting that Douglas fir through the front door. It makes the house smell like Christmas.

Egg nog: Yes or No? Yes. But I take mine with Lactaid and bourbon.

Are you an artistic gift wrapper or a basic “paper & tape” warrior?  Paper and tape. The utilitarian approach.

Do you have any special holiday memories that include books? Are there any specific titles you remember? The list of titles is long, but let me pull one memory out of the ol’ Santa hat.

It was 1995. I was living in France, an eighth grader far away from friends for a year. Generally, I hated it. Then my uncle sent me a box of books for Christmas.

It was a windfall.

English-language paperbacks cost about $40 in today’s money, and were only available in one store. Obviously, I couldn’t afford any of them. So those dozens of Philip Jose Farmer, Michael Crichton, and Orson Scott Card titles were like gold. I re-read them until they fell apart.

What is your earliest book-related memory? I wrote a Winnie the Pooh themed “book” when I was about four years old. And by “wrote” I mean I drew the pictures and dictated what I wanted it to say to my Mom. But somehow the pages got all mixed up and my Mom threw my creation into the trash. (No one recycled back then.) So, obviously I was deeply scarred and that incident led to the tortured poor-life-decision of pursuing a writing career.

And, being a parent myself now, I strongly suspect the “accident” that took down my masterpiece was an inside job. Mom, I’m onto you!

Do you write/work during the holidays? I try to spend family time with my family. But if the muse pulls me onto the dancefloor, I won’t turn her down.

Can you share what you’re working on now? It’s mostly marketing now for ALL SYSTEMS DOWN, which comes out in February. But realistically, “marketing” means scrolling through Twitter trying unsuccessfully to come up with something witty. Then drowning my failure in cheap Mexican beer.

But – and this is important – is there such a thing as expensive Mexican beer? I’m going to go out on a limb and say there is not. Coffee. If you’re going to pay too much for something, coffee is where you should spend your money.

What are your goals for 2018? My main goal is to get a lot of people to read ALL SYSTEMS DOWN. I don’t care how they get it, just so long as there are eyeballs on it.

Not literally. That’s disgusting.



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