Lakewater Press Holiday Blog Hop (Day 5): Kate Foster


For the holiday season, we at Lakewater Press thought it would be a good time to share who we are with a little holiday blog hop.

Between December 1 and the 24th we’ll share holiday interviews with our authors and the Lakewater Press staff. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to get to know each other a little better, and to give our readers a peek behind the scenes–or pages!

Perhaps you’ll even find a new blog to follow, or your next favorite book!

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Today’s interviewee:

Name and LWP affiliation: Kate Foster, Editorial Director 

Blog URL:

Where do you live? Gold Coast, Australia

What are your chances of having snow on Christmas Day? Well, absolutely zero if I stay home! Christmas is during the summer on this side of the world which means hot, humid, and delightful! Back in England, where I lived in the south east of the country until my mid-thirties, it snowed once on Christmas Day; otherwise it was cold, grey, and drizzly. L

Do you have any favorite holiday traditions? Christmas Day has changed a little for me since moving to Australia. It’s the same but different, and I’m pretty happy to embrace the new traditions we’re creating as a family. I mean, a lot is the same, like we always start the day opening the prezzies Father Christmas left in our stockings; then we pile into the lounge together in the hope he’s left more under the tree. My husband and I enjoy a cappuccino and a glass of Buck’s Fizz whilst the prezzie opening occurs. Breakfast is always pain au chocolat with strawberries and blueberries! But from then it has changed immensely, because during the next few hours whilst dinner is prepared and we chill, we phone England to wish the family merry Christmas and tend to have a swim because it’s usually so freaking hot! However, to answer the question a little more precisely, my favourite part of the day has to be the evening tree presents. My dad’s family always handed out a final flurry of quirky gifts in the evening when the sun had set, and it’s a tradition we don’t want to let go of.

Egg nog: Yes or No? No. It’s Buck’s Fizz for me!

Are you an artistic gift wrapper or a basic “paper & tape” warrior? Basic paper and tape, I’m afraid. But I’m a wrapping machine and it’s all about quantity not quality! I see the whole experience as a type of therapy: bottle of wine/beer, big pile of gifts, wrap and move, wrap and move.

Do you have any special holiday memories that include books? Are there any specific titles you remember? No specific holiday memories really, but I don’t believe I’ve had a Christmas go by when I haven’t received at least one book as a gift! My book haul each Christmas is impressive. The one title that definitely draws those Christmas smells and feels from the bank at any time of year is The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. There was some woodland close to my home in England and when it did snow or was freezing during those winter months, the whole place would ice over and sparkle and light up like Narnia.

What is your earliest book-related memory? The Enormous Turnip. I remember reading it over and over and over again but they are very distant memories, only snippets. A clearer memory is from when I was probably six and reading Enid Blyton behind my raised desk lid in class!

Do you write/work during the holidays? My kids have their big summer holiday over Christmas so I definitely don’t produce as much work then as during other times of year, but I always try to spend time on my own projects, as well as keeping in touch with the Lakewater team, networking, socialising with readers, and so much more. So, erm, yeah, I work!

Can you share what you’re working on now? Well, maybe … I am in the midst of reading and editing several titles Lakewater will be releasing next year. Some are sequels and some from new authors. We have spies, friends, blood, and love, to name some of the themes.

What are your goals for 2018? To continue bringing more incredibly entertaining titles to the hands of readers, and meeting and mingling with more amazing readers and authors every day.


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