Getting Back to Business

A few months ago things became quite chaotic.

I quit my job, started a new one, and then went on a vacation (one that had been planned and mostly paid for before I knew I was quitting my job!).

Now, I can happily say I am on the downhill slide from that unruly time period. I’ve settled into my new job and have started writing again. But, I realize how sadly neglected my poor blog has been. I realize that my blog cannot exist on reviews and cover reveals alone (though I love sharing cover reveals and book tours and will continue to do so!).

In an effort to do a better job of blogging, and to add some variety, I’ve reached out to some of the amazing authors I’ve met over the past several years. Beginning this week I’ll be posting author interviews with these wonderful authors. They come from a variety of backgrounds, regions and write across several genres. I’ve included self-published authors, those who work with smaller/indie publishers, and some whose books may be sitting on your store shelves right now.

So, keep an eye out for the interviews. You never know, you may just find your next favorite book…

If you know of an awesome indie author you’d like for me to feature, let me know and I’ll reach out them.

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