Genre loyalist or polygenre?

I admire people who can easily and quickly answer the question: What kind of books do you like to read? I’m always impressed when someone offers a decisive “Romance” or “I only read non-fiction” answer.

For me the answer is more convoluted: “Well, I really like thrillers, and I’m a huge historical fiction fan, but sometimes I like to get lost in a great fantasy…ooh, maybe a great horror novel, but then I do love a sweet romance…or a super-steamy one. But there are some great biographies…oh, and true crime is awesome!” 

As an author I follow a similar tract to my reader habits, I write what inspires me at the time. It’s true that I’m the author of a young adult fantasy series, but I’m also a historical romance author–and those are just my published books. My “Works In Progress” folder has a young adult historical fiction novel, a contemporary romance, a martial arts fantasy, and maybe some more steamy romance stories.

I just can’t stick to one genre, so I guess that makes me a polygenrist (I also like to make up words in my spare time).

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