Easing back into it

It hasn’t been any surprise to me that I’ve been neglecting my blog. What is a surprise is that the last time I blogged anything was in June. I could have sworn it was way earlier in the year. Like February! So, needless to say, I’m already feeling pretty full of myself and like I suck only half as bad as I thought 5 minutes ago.

Now here I am, filled with all these ridiculous New Years resolutions that I come up with EVERY year (would have been so easy to just cut, paste & repost last years goals!). One of those resolutions is to make some kind of damn effort do a better job in keeping up with my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not deluded enough to think that I possess some magical information and its my obligation to share my insight with the world. I know that most of what I have to say is shit. What is important is that I have an outlet to purge this shit from my soul. To infect the world, if you will. Because some of the stuff that happens in a girls life is just too twisted and bizarre for her to keep to herself.

So… a quick run-down of my year: went to a very, very dark place (kind of like a quick trip to hell only without the warmth), saw the light & went towards it, trained for and ran a 5k (a different and shorter trip to hell) with The Middle, welcomed two new victims into our extended family (a boy and a girl) who, I’m pretty sure are already checking their contracts for an escape clause, had a squatter stationed in my extra bedroom for a few months before he decided that free room & board isn’t such a great deal when said room seems to be located within a sanctuary for wild rabid monkeys.

After surviving 2011, what could 2012 possibly throw at me? Oh, well, yeah, there’s that whole end of the world theory, but that isn’t until December!

Lets do this….

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  1. I just found this blog and can so relate to blogging procrastination! Just realized I hadn’t at all kept up with my twitter comments either…..well here we are in Feb (near the end) and I have made one post on twitter LOL but the blogs are still looking for my posts.

    I’ll do mine if you do yours, have been reading the posts here and really enjoying them, thanks!

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