Three Weeks Changing the World

Once again, I was sucked into a whirling vortex of activity that kept me from the internet and, more importantly, from my long suffering blog. In all fairness, I’ve been consumed with critical activities that are geared towards improving the state of the world, stimulating the U.S. economy, providing affordable and adequate medical care and […]

The Great Recipe Challenge

Apparently, one of my kids is a budding chef.  That is fine, except that whatever he’s been creating is being done secretively, in his room.  I found the evidence yesterday while cleaning. (To clarify–not the cleaning that most people think of, more like relocating piles and playing “Find That Smell”.) So, while rooting around in […]

Back From “Quality Time” Hell…And I’ve Got Some Bitchin’ To Do

Yes, I have been gone.  For a very long time.  A long, long, long time.  And believe me, I’ve got some things bottled up that need to get out. I used to wonder, “Where the hell did blogging come from?  Whose idea was that?” Now I know.  Blogging had to have been the brainchild of […]

The Real Housewives of Middle America

I’ll admit it.  Sometimes I stay up late at night and watch the most vapid television shows known to man.  Some of them are completely inane, even by reality show standards (wait, did I just pair the words “reality shows” and “standards” in the same sentence?).  My favorite late night indulgence has become Bravo.  Not […]