Online Writing Contests: To Join or Not to Join?

There are no limits to the number and types of writing competitions you can join online. You can submit a 35-word pitch or submit a longer manuscript for a more in-depth contest. The goal of the contests is the same: to get your manuscript before an agent/publisher who will (fingers crossed!) love it. In the […]

Aspiring Writers: Throwing in the Towel…Or Not

You’re having a great day, and then ding, your email alerts you to a new message. Another rejection! You’re enthusiastic about a new contest. You’ve gotten a partial request followed by a full and have had some delightful email exchanges with one or more mentors. You can feel in your soul that you’ll be chosen; this […]

Powerball: Live the Dream

One point five billion dollars. That is the current, estimated, Powerball value. Imagine that (go ahead, take a moment, I’ll wait…). Like everyone else, I’ve watched lottery fever grow as the jackpot reached $450 million, and then $880 million. Who can’t imagine winning even a small portion of that jackpot? Last weekend, on one of my […]

Pride or Punishment?

I don’t claim to have exceptional children. They aren’t well-behaved, they only stretch their vocabulary when it comes to learning prison vernacular and they don’t seem motivated to succeed (even if its only to prove me wrong). The Middle seems to have a particular penchant for trouble-making. Yesterday I received two calls from the Dean […]

Shit Just Got Real

There exists in the world a distinct period of time. You don’t really notice it while you’re in it, it’s more easily recognized after it has passed. In hindsight you will look back at that period and remember the carefree way with which you’d gone about your days. Maybe you’ll look back with regret at […]