On Cocky Novels, Cocky Authors and #Cockygate

Something happened over the weekend. Actually the “happening” of it has been in the works for a while, it was the “blowing up” of the situation that happened this weekend. As a disclaimer, let me say that I don’t believe I’ve read or typed the word “cocky” so much in such a short span of […]

Query Letter Basics

By this point in my writing life I should have earned some sort of certification in the art of query letters. I’ve spent countless hours obsessing over each of mine. I’ve written, revised, thrown out and rewritten each of mine at least a dozen times. I’ve researched query letters, read books, articles, watched videos and […]

Social Media Games

Disclaimer: I will not play your Facebook games. Or your Twitter games. I’m not talking about the Candy Crush or Farmville invitations I’m constantly getting (but really, please stop sending those). I’m referring to the recreational blocking, unfollowing and unfriending that happens on social media sites. We seem to have entered an era in which […]

ADD and the Work-at-Home Mom

8:45- Makes list of tasks to accomplish before next break to get fresh water and do a social media & email check. 10:45- First round tasks accomplished. Heads to the kitchen for cold water. “Yikes, there’s a lot of tupperware in here that needs cleaned out.” Pulls out said tupperware to empty & wash figuring […]