Another Sad & Shitty Day

On Christmas Day we found out that our sweet little furry friend Chewie had lung cancer. This came as a huge blow because she was so young and only three months ago we’d also had to put our Boxer to sleep (stupid, shitty cancer!). We took Chewie home and kept her comfortable and loved on […]

Reflecting on 2017

I’m quite late in doing this wrap-up for 2017. While I was preparing my reflection of the year, 2017 hit me with one more bomb. It’s taken me several weeks to brush off the dust and crawl out of the rubble that was left behind from that last explosion. But I’m moving on, I’ve pulled […]

When Life Interrupts the Creative Process

The thing about writing is that there’s a delicate, gossamer thread that’s ever so lightly attached between your creative mind and the ear-shattering, turbulent chaos of your everyday life. And sometimes it snaps. Too dramatic? Maybe.  I’ve spent the last few weeks being consumed by the demands of my “real” life (aka- my nonwriting world). […]

Social Media Games

Disclaimer: I will not play your Facebook games. Or your Twitter games. I’m not talking about the Candy Crush or Farmville invitations I’m constantly getting (but really, please stop sending those). I’m referring to the recreational blocking, unfollowing and unfriending that happens on social media sites. We seem to have entered an era in which […]