Book Review: Violet Made of Thorns by Gina Chen

Violet Made of Thorns is an exciting fairy-tale type YA fantasy with a morally ambiguous lead character and a very hot enemies-to-lovers subplot.  And it all works so well!

Violet was a homeless girl who inadvertently saved the life of a young prince who the Fates had intended to die. What dos a grateful king do when a young girl who is also a Seer saves his son’s life? He brings the girl into the kingdom and gives her the opportunity for a new life: as the official Seer of the kingdom.

But Violet’s new life is far from charmed. The kingdom is under the threat of a previous Seer’s prophecy, the Fates still want Prince Cyrus dead, and Violet isn’t necessarily the most forthright about the visions of the future she does have—oh, and she and Cyrus bicker at every turn.

Violet Made of Thorns isn’t your typical YA fantasy. Violet is a bit of an antihero: she’s aloof, guarded, and really only looks out for her own best interests (for the most part). This is a much darker novel than many, even the royal castle & grounds hint at deeper, darker things lying in wait.

I vacillated a bit between 4 & 5 stars, but the finale really pulled it up to a 5 star for me with one act I thought Violet would never have the guts to pull off. Now I’m definitely waiting for Book 2!

Violet Made of Thorns will be out July 26, 2022.

*I received a copy of Violet Made of Thorns from Netgalley and Delacort Press in exchange for an honest review*

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