Book Review: Until We Meet Again by Renee Collins

Until We Meet AgainUntil We Meet Again by Renee Collins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Spending her summer away from her friends is not what Cassandra had in mind. To make matters worse, she and her family, are spending the summer in a ritzy beach community, a place that Cass definitely doesn’t feel she belongs, compliments of her step-dad.

One night, just when the summer seems like it will never end, Cass meets a handsome stranger on the beach. Lawrence is handsome, polite, and quotes poetry. He is also from 1925.

Through some strange phenomenon, Cass and Lawrence are able to meet, but only on the beach. Each of them must return to their own home life, and their own era, when they part.

While researching the boy who has quickly come to claim her heart, Cass discovers that Lawrence’s life is at risk and together—across the span of time—they must find out how to save him from an unknown danger.

Until We Meet Again is a sweet and enticing story. I was immediately drawn in and found myself entranced through the entire book. I am a sucker for a romance and was on the edge of my seat at every attempt Cass and Lawrence made to bridge the gap of time to be together while also trying to solve/prevent his death. Just a beautifully written story.

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