Book Review: Three Kisses, One Midnight by Roshani Chokshi, Sandhya Menon, and Evelyn Skye

Not only is it Halloween, but also the 400thanniversary of the founding of Moon Ridge. There is a legend that every century The Lady of Moon Ridge comes from the stars and walks through the town leaving love in her wake. The Coven—the name of high school friends Onny, True, and Ash—are hoping the legend is true and that the Lady of Moon Ridge will cast her spell on them…or better yet, on the ones they hope will love them.

Onny has done everything she can to stack the deck in the Coven’s favor. She’s meticulously brewed a love potion handed down to her by her grandmother. She’s divided the potion into three vials. All the members of the Coven have to do is get their intended to drink the potion before midnight. Of course, nothing is ever so easy. Each member of the Coven will discover that perhaps they didn’t know exactly what their love story was destined to be. 

Three Kisses, One Midnight is the result of a collaboration between Roshani Chokshi, Sandyha Menon, and Evelyn Skye. Each author brings one of the characters to life with a unique voice, perspective, and story while ensuring the entirety of the book is cohesive and consistent. 

The setting of Three Kisses, One Midnight is sublime. The culmination of each story leads to a fantastic Halloween party that takes place in and surrounding a large estate home. Romance and mysticism are palpable in every story and this is definitely a feel-good read and you don’t have to wait until Halloween to appreciate it. 

Three Kisses, One Midnight is scheduled to be released 8/30/22.

*I received a copy of Three Kisses, One Midnight from NetGalley and Wednesday Books in exchange for an honest review.*

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