Book Review: The Summer House by Jenny Hale

Callie and her best friend Olivia are looking for a new start in an old place. They’ve purchased a North Carolina beach home that they’ve admired since childhood and are fixing it up. When they’ve finished renovating it, their new B&B should be ready for guests.

The next door neighbor is the rich, handsome Luke, who also happens to be a bit of a playboy. Despite the fact that Callie has little time or energy for a relationship, she finds herself drawn to her enticing neighbor.

When Callie and Olivia unearth a locked and long-forgotten diary that’s filled with town secrets, what they find out might just destroy Callie’s chances at happiness. And before the summer is over, a brewing storm will strike (literally and figuratively!).

The Summer House has all the elements of a perfect summer romance: ocean air, sunny skies, handsome neighbors, and secret pasts. The descriptions are vivid and the essence of summer is palpable as you read. They electricity between Callie and Luke is strong. There are some character development issues that felt left out, but it didn’t interfere with my ability to get lost in the story. The Summer House is a sweet, heartwarming summer read.

I received a copy of The Summer House from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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