Book Review: The Cherry Robbers by Sarai Walker

Wow, I really didn’t know what I was getting into when I requested The Cherry Robbers by Sarai Walker and what a wonderful experience this turned out to be. 

Sylvia Wren is a notoriously reclusive artist who lives a quiet life in New Mexico. One day a letter comes in the mail from a journalist who is convinced that Sylvia is actually an heiress who walked away from her life over 65 years ago.

Iris Chapel was one of six daughters of a firearms manufacturer and his troubled wife. Iris’s mother believed strongly that their beautiful Victorian home was haunted by the spirits of all the people whose lives were ended by Chapel guns. With a distant father and mentally ill mother, the girls are eager to escape, but as the Chapel girls start marrying, they also start dying. One night, Iris disappears, leaving no clue as to where she went and no ties to her former life. But now, the past is rushing back, and bringing with it the ghosts of her past. 

The Cherry Robbers is a fantastically eerie, gothic tale of feminine relationships, family, and aspiration. Sarai Walker masterfully draws you into this world, makes you care about the characters, and then crushes you with each successive wrong that’s done to them. 

I received an advanced audiobook copy of The Cherry Robbers and the performance was perfect. January LaVoy did a fantastic job of capturing the eerie and tragic tone of Walker’s words and delivering a heartfelt and engaging performance. 


The Cherry Robbers will be available 5/17/22.


*I received an ARC audiobook copy of The Cherry Robbers from Netgalley and Harper Audio in exchange for an honest review*

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