Book Review: POOR BOY ROAD (Jake Caldwell Book 1)


I have a life-long obsession with all things mob related and am often disappointed with the books that purport to have mob-related characters or story lines. POOR BOY ROAD was not a disappointment. I was hooked from the first paragraph.

Jake Caldwell is an enforcer for the mob. Now he’s heading home where the abusive father he escaped from years ago is dying. He is also on deadline, his boss has given him a way out of the “business” only it involves taking his bone-breaking work to the next level: murder.

Jake’s new life and the old collide as he faces family obligations, old friends, a rekindled love, and the ticking clock of a murderous and unforgiving boss.

POOR BOY ROAD is a fast-paced thriller that was hard to put down. It is well written with realistic characters and dialogue. My interest never waned and I really cared about the characters. This is a story that could be happening in any town right now, which makes it even more realistic. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.

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Kindle Edition, 272 pages
Published March 21st 2016 by Lakewater Press
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  1. I’ve just finished this as well and felt as positive as you. Loved the characters of Jake and Bear. Just about to start reading the second book.

    1. disgruntledmom says: Reply

      I’ve just started Ares Road. I’m getting a slow start because, well…life. But I’m excited to see what transpires for Jake

      1. Me too… I’m on the blog tour for Ares Road the week after next and lucky enough to be hosting a guest post from James on my blog.

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