Book Review: Next! By Joanne Lipman

The business world is full of stories of people who made huge shifts in their career track and celebrated massive success. Whether they were following their dreams, a seemingly sudden impulse, or just recognized a new opportunity and veered onto that course, something called to those people enough that they gave up comfort for a chance at something that turned out to be great.

Even in healthcare, I’ve been seeing people who just graduated nursing school decide the medical field isn’t where they want to be. In Next!, Joanne Lipman interviewed people who deprioritized their lives and labors in ways that become legendary to those of us watching from afar.

Lipman not only presents these case studies of these successes, she tries to identify the catalyst and process for change in everyday life and how each of us can be more in tune to those moments.

Next! is an interesting read, and it’s no doubt inspiring to read about people who successfully took a risk. Lipman highlights some key transitional stages that people may be experiencing without realizing it yet, and it’s interesting to be more aware of the subtle shifts that occur. The book is easy to read, definitely interesting, and inspiring.

I didn’t feel like this book prepared me for making a big change or acted as a way to help me achieve them. There wasn’t a big section proclaiming, “These are the actionable steps you should now take in order to change your career path”. This book serves as more of an inspiration to offer increased awareness. Maybe the selection and reading of this book is one more example of an unconscious shift on the path to change?

*I received a copy of Next! from Mariner Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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