Book Review: Little Threats by Emily Schultz

Fifteen years ago privileged twins Carter and Kennedy Wynn, along with their friend Haley, embraced everything that defined the grunge era: partying, boys, and drugs. But after one acid-fueled night, Haley was dead and Kennedy had no memory of what happened, only that she woke up by her dead friend. Now, Kennedy is getting out of prison after serving her plea-bargain sentence.

Despite their parents faith, Carter Wynn isn’t convinced that her twin was innocent. While her sister has been in prison, Carter has tried to live in a community that looks at her and sees only her sister—and her sister’s crime. At thirty-one, Carter still has no career, no education, and no plan for what to do with her life. The one thing she does have is Everett, and although she can’t admit her true feelings for him, she can’t bear to think of losing him. But will their secret relationship be able to endure when Carter’s sister is released from her sentence for the killing of Everette’s sister?

Kennedy’s release brings to life old secrets and potential suspects, as well as a renewed interest in the death of Haley Kimberson.

Little Threats is a slow-building, dark whodunnit that expertly casts suspicion on several people throughout. It definitely has a slow build, but at some point you realize you’re too tied up in the storyline to turn away. The final reveal about who really killed Haley wasn’t as mind-blowing as I generally like, but it was still a satisfying conclusion.

*I received a copy of Little Threats from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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