Book Review: Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier

      Little Secrets starts out strong. It’s a nightmare that no parent wants to imagine: you let go of your child for just a few seconds in a crowded market…and he’s gone!

     Sixteen months later, Marin Machado is still living in the void of that moment when she let go of Sebastian to take a phone call. He was last seen on video being driven away by a man in a Santa suit. Now Marin and her husband , Derek, are living lives parallel to one another. Marin consoles herself in work, a monthly support group, and too much alcohol. And then she gets a phone call from the investigator she hired to investigate her son’s disappearance, but the call isn’t about Sebastian. Her husband has been having an affair, and now Marin has a different outlet for her grief.

   Little Secrets is told from alternating POVs, Marin’s and Derek’s mistress Kenzie. The grief Marin feels in the opening chapters is heavy and you can feel the weight of it as you get into the story, but there are times when you don’t really know who you’re rooting for—or who you should be! Each of the characters is so clearly motivated by their own sense of right that it’s easy to empathize with their position. But this is also a psychological thriller that will leave you tense and have your mind spinning. It’s a thrilling, page-turning, quick read.

*I received a copy of Little Secrets from Netgalley and St. Martin’s Press in exchange for an honest review*

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