Book Review: Butterfly Broken (Metamorphosis, Book 3) by Rebecca Carpenter

Butterfly Broken (Metamorphosis #3) is here and I’m both thrilled and saddened. I’m saddened because it means this unique and exciting story is coming to an end, but I’m thrilled with the intensity and action of the final installment.

In Butterfly Broken, both Bethany and Jeremiah are reeling from the events that have already happened (her transformation, her father’s death, barely escaping an organ trafficking ring, and the fire that disfigured Jeremiah). But, before they have a chance to really discuss all that’s happened—and with some secrets still lingering between them—danger strikes again. They are once again at the hands of people who are intent on using them for their own gains, but this time Bethany and Jeremiah’s bond is more than simply emotional. Together they possess a power that can rival any other—if only they can put aside the past and work together.

Butterfly Broken is an intense thrill ride from the beginning and you’ll be wondering at every turn who is friend and who is foe. Rebecca Carpenter has done an amazing job leading us through this fantastic crescendo and leaving us with a satisfying finale.

*I received copy of Butterfly Broken from Lakewater Press in exchange for an honest review*

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