Book Review: BUTTERFLY BONES by Rebecca Carpenter

I received an Advanced Reader’s Copy of BUTTERFLY BONES from Lakewater Press in exchange for an honest review of the book.

Bethany is a high school student who was born with a rare genetic disease. Osteogenesis imperfecta affects her bone growth and has caused her to be the size of a ten-year old. Now she’s become the target of the new girl at school and her unrelenting bullying. She’s also helplessly in love with Jeremiah, who seems to want nothing more than to be her friend.

As if everything weren’t already bad enough, Bethany’s dad, a research scientist, has been experimenting with a hormone derived from butterflies in an attempt to find a cure for her. But finding a cure won’t be so easy because “When one alters the order of nature, it’s only a matter of time before nature screams for revenge.” The results of her dad’s experimenting have profound consequences.

BUTTERFLY BONES is a unique concept and definitely pulled me through a lot of different emotions, which is a testament to the writing of Rebecca Carpenter. I was furious when reading about the bullies and with some aspects of Bethany’s home life. I got a little teary when reading her dad’s journal entries. And, in one particular revelation near the end, I almost threw the book across the room–which I realize was a great reaction, because it showed how invested I felt in what happened to Bethany.

As for the ending, I personally prefer my vengeance a little more brutal, but I thought this book wrapped up nicely and left me with a little bit of hope.

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