Book Review: Blessed Monsters (Something Dark and Holy #3) by Emily A. Duncan

All the chaos, betrayal, and tragedy of the first two books in the Something Dark and Holy series comes to a head in Blessed Monsters and there are repercussions to be had. The eldritch gods have been freed and are ready to take of the world. Malachiasz is alone and struggling to fight the ancient god who has possessed him and is intent on destroying the world.  Nadya is struggling with the hope she has in her gods and the darkness that threatens to overtake her. And Serefin is struggling to be the king his people need in order to bring about peace. This is an epic culmination in everything that’s kept us reading: the gods, the monsters, the war, the relationships, and betrayals.

The dynamics between the main and secondary characters have been artfully woven for the entirety of the series and you can’t help but desperately want each of them to find fulfillment. Emily A. Duncan has done a masterful job of tying all the characters, their histories, and experiences together, and making us feel for each and every one of them.  This is a series of an epic scale and she has done a fantastic job in bringing it all to an explosive, bloody, and satisfying conclusion. And now, I must start the entire series again—and read slowly to savor it.

Blessed Monsters will be released on 4/6/21.

*I received a copy of Blessed Monsters from St. Martin’s Press/Wednesday Books and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

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