Book Excerpt: In Too Deep

Have I mentioned that I love this series? I think I have, at least once..maybe a few, anyway, I want to be sure everyone else knows about it. You can get Book 1 for free, book two is out and the third will be released in weeks. Check out the excerpt below from In Too Deep, Book 2 in the #Hacker series.

It’s time to get #HACKED with the newest YA novel by

Sherry D. Ficklin.



One talented hacker.
One dead body.
One explosive secret.

When one reckless night leads Farris Barnett to the dead body of a
classmate, she’s as willing as everyone else to write it off as a
suicide. That is, until cryptic messages start coming in from someone
who knows the truth, and they want Farris on the case. Putting her
hacker skills to work, she begins to unravel the life of a victim who
might just have been the guiltiest of them all.
Her personal life in
turmoil, Farris turns to the only person she can trust to help her get
to the bottom of things—a friend on the verge of becoming much more.
Together, they confront a killer with a secret not even she could have
The biggest bombs, the ones that do the most damage, are the ones you never see coming.

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ebook - in too deep

Read an excerpt from In Too Deep:

The water isn’t warm, but it’s not exactly cold either. It’s the temperature of a bathtub you’ve been sitting in for too long. For a moment, I’m too disoriented to do anything but hold my breath. Then dread sets in and I kick for the surface, breaking it for only a second before a pair of hands pushes me back under. I open my eyes, but everything is blurred, bubbles and distortion.

Adrenaline flooding my veins like fire, I thrash and kick wildly, trying to pry his hands off me. It’s my nightmare all over again. My lungs burn, convulsing with the need to draw breath. I struggle, but I can feel my body growing heavy and I’m sinking, deeper into the bright blue water. The last of my breath escapes in a rush of bubbles, rising to the surface without me. There’s a sound in my ears. It sounds like the crashing of the ocean, far away and close at the same time.

Don’t let go, a voice whispers.

I want to cry because the voice is smooth and familiar. It’s my mother’s voice.

Don’t let go.

My body shudders, convulsing as it fights to find oxygen. The hands release me, but I can’t find the strength to push to the surface. My legs are stone, pulling me toward the bottom of the pool. Finally unable to hold it back any longer, I take a breath and water fills my lungs. It’s a pain like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Even as my body rebels against the foreign substance, I slip further and further away.

Don’t let go.

In the dim, fading light, I see Cole’s face above me. I don’t even know if it’s real or just the last, desperate wishes of my mind. I’m not sure how I find the strength, but I manage to reach up, stretching my hand upward in the water.


Book 1 In the #HACKER series is now FREE on all platforms! So if you haven’t already, grab your free e-book today!

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Book 3 in the #HACKER series releases in e-book Feb. 8th 2016. You can pre-order your copy today.

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