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Policy of Truth: Book Review

Policy of Truth is a little outside of my usual reading trends, but (as a fan of Sons of Anarchy) I was interested in giving it a try.

Policy of Truth has one thing in abundance: strong, complex, bad-ass female characters. The female characters in this book, including main character Tamra “Durty” Simons, are well-developed, strong and face a number of real-world issues that happen in every day life, even if we prefer to not talk about them (ie- domestic violence). While they’re all affected by the things they’ve seen & endured, all these chicks are strong and maintain their own positions in a male-dominated world. Sometimes they even dominate.

In addition to the bad-ass women, there’s a ridiculously spicy love story that develops between Durty and “Sting” who’s equal parts mysterious, dangerous and endearing.

Policy of Truth is an easy, engaging, and steamy read with a great cliffhanger that’ll have you eagerly anticipating book 2.

*I received a copy of Policy of Truth in exchange for an honest review*

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