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I’ve loved this series since I read the very first book. It’s got everything I love about royalty, court intrigue, and ruthless power grabs! You can get all six books in the series for only 99c, so it’s the best time to get a little more familiar with two of the most intriguing women in Russian history.

Don’t miss the series dubbed a “must-read romance” by the USA Today and “An entertaining and racy read” by School Library Journal.

A tale of two queens, Elizabeth who was born to rule, and Catherine who was destined for greatness…

Surviving personal tragedies, unimaginable losses, and political sabotage, these bold women rose up to lead the Romanov Empire—but also laid the groundwork for its eventual destruction. Don’t miss this scandalous series about the women who fought to rule in infamy, and in doing so, changed the fate of Russia forever.

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Get your box set now! I 100% recommend it for fans of historical fiction.

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