ADD and the Work-at-Home Mom

8:45- Makes list of tasks to accomplish before next break to get fresh water and do a social media & email check.

10:45- First round tasks accomplished. Heads to the kitchen for cold water.

  • “Yikes, there’s a lot of tupperware in here that needs cleaned out.”
  • Pulls out said tupperware to empty & wash figuring 5 minutes of work. Tops!
  • Realizes she will need a large towel to lay out the containers to air dry. Goes to laundry room.
  • “Who the hell took my whites out of the washer and left them to mildew in a crumpled heap on the floor?!”
  • Returns said whites to the washing machine, adds detergent & bleach.”What is that smell?” Goes to bedroom hamper in search of other whites to include in the load.
  • Nearly breaks a hip stepping on an errant dog toy (yes, because she is getting to the age at which protection of the hips is becoming very serious). Returns other dog toys to the proper basket.
  • Sorts laundry in bedroom hamper. Returns to laundry room with whites. Starts laundry.
  • Locates smell.
  • Cleans litter box.
  • Takes kitty crud to outside trash. “Who the hell brought Grandpa O’s old shower chair out of storage and left it outdoors?!”
  • Returns shower chair to storage.
  • Returns to kitchen. Realizes she forgot the towel.
  • Retrieves towel from laundry room.
  • Washes tupperware and leaves on towel to dry.

11:30- Back to desk. Realizes what time it is and that her break and lunch are over.

11:31- 12:01- Sits down to write a scathing blog anyway!

12:02- Realizes she is thirsty and her water is still in the fridge.  And she has to pee….and still hasn’t checked e-mail, Twitter or FaceBook.


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  1. This is my life, lol. Usually it also includes several toddler interruptions of some sort.

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