2016: The Year in Review

I know that it seems a bit early for me to reflect on my successes for 2016, but in all honesty, I’m feeling like I may already be on the downhill slide for the year. I set some realistic goals for myself this year and have pretty much failed to dazzle myself with even a mediocre effort. 

Here is a look at some of my goals and stunning lack of progress:

1. Get caught up in my work tasks so that every day doesn’t feel like such a struggle. Given that this is the first of the year, as well as the end of a work cycle, there are a number of other tasks that have to be done, in addition to my regular duties, which he led to more things to do & pressure to accomplish them. 

2. Make time to meditate. (See #1) The work tasks have prevented me from carving out time to mediate and I find it impossible to relax when I know I have so much work waiting for me. 

3. Organize & maintain my work space. When I’m in fully crazed work mode organization falls by the wayside. (See #1)

4. Get more exercise in an effort to ease stress. Again, the crazy number of hours I’m working, prevents me from carving out time to exercise because every minute I’m not working seems to get me further behind (refer again to #1). 

5. Eat healthy. I really stuck to this, for a solid three days. And then, well (see #1). 

6. Do more writing. (You know how this goes by now.)

So, there we go. My year at a glance. I’m feeling really accomplished and healthy now. I’ve also been bathing in sarcasm, and then drinking that bath water! Oh, right, that goal–to drink more–right on point with that one! Cheers to the new year *hiccup*

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