Rules I Never Thought to Verbalize…Pt. I

You can’t put Sour Skittles on a tuna sandwich

You can’t wash the cat in the toilet

You can’t spread butter with a stick

You can’t cut through the screen on your bedroom window just to beat your brother to the swing

Don’t handcuff the dog

That should get us through the next week or so.  I hope

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3 Replies to “Rules I Never Thought to Verbalize…Pt. I”

  1. If it had only been a little longer, I would’ve fallen out of my chair! Mine don’t seem so bad after this… but that may only be because we don’t have a cat or handcuffs.

  2. These are just the rules for this week. They’ll be forgotten and I’ll be issuing new directives within the next 10-12 hours.

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