Mother’s Day 2017

  Happy Mother’s Day to all the ladies out there who answer to the name “Mom” (also “Mommy”, “Momma”, “Ma”, and sometimes, “Worst Mom EVER!!!!”). For all of you who have stumbled from the warm cocoon of your blankets at all hours of the night to chase away bad dreams, feed hungry babies, change the […]

Tráeme Una Cerveza Now, Punk!

As a parent I’ve done one thing right over the past year. Well, maybe there were…well, there was the time when…wait, no…yeah, just the one thing. Anyway, I did one thing right. We were faced with an upheaval with regards to the kids’ school. One was going to be going to middle school, one going […]

Karma’s a Bitch With a Needle

We all go through phases in our lives and I’ve been through my fair share. There was the new wave/punk phase, the “experiment with everything my parents hate” phase, the “This is FlyBoy and I LUV him” phase (which coincidentally occurred in the height of the “experiment with everything my parents hate” phase). Not all […]

Drinking Games For The 10 and Under Crowd

One of the great things about Christmas is that there are still people out there who will save a kid the torture of an ugly sweater, a foreign-language biopic that “he’ll learn to appreciate later in life”, or a festively wrapped summer sausage and will just give ca$h! This year, with those kinds of people […]

If You Build It–AND Leave It Open 24 Hours a Day–They Will Come

I awoke to a beautiful site today. I opened the blinds of the kitchen window to find my new back yard covered in snow. There was a time in my life when I hated snow. I believe that time closely correlates with the time in my life that I realized that being “treated like an […]

Dear School’s, Get The Facts, Then Make the Call!

I got a call from the school attendance supervisor. She was kindly calling to find out if The Oldest was feeling ok today. You know, since he was absent. The problem was, I had dropped that child off at school, with a hug and a kiss, not even two hours before! I watched him walk […]