August #Giveaway: Win 1 of 20 free critiques

(*Updated to reflect additional critiques)

My birthday is this month and I’ve decided to give, give, give! (Oh, and I asked some of my friends to help me give)

For my August giveaway I’ve decided to gear it toward those of you out there who are still writing away, editing and polishing your manuscripts, obsessively revising your query letters, and dreaming of the day your efforts are rewarded. That’s right, authors, this one is for you.

At the end of  the month 21(!) free critiques will be given away.

So, what do you do to enter? Click on the Rafflecopter link and follow the prompts. And yes, there are a lot of Twitter profiles that you can follow, but there were a lot of generous authors who volunteered their time to help out, so please show them some love.

Details (and the Rafflecopter link) are below. Best of luck to everyone.













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5 Replies to “August #Giveaway: Win 1 of 20 free critiques”

  1. Corin Burnside says: Reply

    Thanks so much for your generous give-away.
    Would love to get a free critique, or any help very gratefully received with my first novel, The Bishop’s Wife.

    1. Hey, you were one of the winners, Corin! Congrats & best of luck with The Bishop’s Wife.

      1. Brilliant, thanks so much, I’m looking forward to Jim Weaver’s critique!

        1. He does an amazing job. He’s given me some feedback as well

  2. Thank you for this kind offer. I need all the help I can get!

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