John Krasinski:Action Star?

In case you haven’t read 13 Hours in Benghazi, it’s a good book which gives the full account of the operatives who were on the ground, and under fire, when US personnel were attacked in 2012. I had the honor of attending an engagement in which three of those operatives–Kris Paronto, Mark Geist and John […]

Powerball: Live the Dream

One point five billion┬ádollars. That is the current, estimated, Powerball value. Imagine that (go ahead, take a moment, I’ll wait…). Like everyone else, I’ve watched lottery fever grow as the jackpot reached $450 million, and then $880 million. Who can’t imagine winning even a small portion of that jackpot? Last weekend, on one of my […]

Book Review: IN TOO DEEP by Sherry Ficklin

TROUBLE IS ONLY A KEYSTROKE AWAY… In Too Deep #HACKER Book 2 One talented hacker. One dead body. One explosive secret. Life for Ferris Barnett is, well, complicated. Her boyfriend has moved, her father has been assigned to an active duty station in Turkey, and one impulsive act leads her to a shocking discovery. A […]